About us

We are a Personal Information Management System ("PIMS"),an intermediary between individuals and entities that provides a data-sharing mechanism across the EU.

Our mission

  • Help individuals to have control of their own data.
  • Help entities and DPO's to manage Data Subjects Rights (DSRs).

We apply EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)

The European Data Protection Supervisor has validated data sharing services in its Opinion 9/2016:

"PIMS can be considered intermediaries, or platforms’ of a sort connecting two sides of the market: individuals offering their data for (re)use on the one hand, and organisations wishing to (re)use this data."

The European Commission has regulated data sharing services in its proposal for a new EU Regulation "Data Governance Law".

Article 9 “Providers of data sharing services”: 1. The provision of the following data sharing services shall be subject to a notification procedure: (b) intermediation services between data subjects that seek to make their personal data available and potential data users, including making available the technical or other means to enable such services, in the exercise of the rights provided in Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Our services

Platform that allows people to find out who has their data and take back control of it

Platform that makes it easier for organisations to manage personal data claims

Our experience


DSRs managed


entities involved

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